Black – Owned Media

Black - Owned Media

Blacks are people of color or the descendants of people of color, and they are found in every part of the world. They are reputed to be strong, resilient, and innovative. These attributes have made it easy for blacks to distinguish themselves in all fields of life. History has it that civilization started in Africa. No one else can paint the perfect picture of our past, present, and future than black-owned media companies.


Freedom’s Journal was the premier among black-owned newspapers and Media Companies in the United States of America with the mission to fight against slave trade abolition. This first black Journal had the intention of blacks speaking for themselves by themselves. According to revered historians, over 500 newspapers sprang up between 1965 and the start of the 20th century.

These newspapers were useful in uniting African-Americans after the abolition of slavery. With the increased technological advancement worldwide, black digital publishers have taken center stage in amplifying the agitations of people of color in the United States of America.


Success has many parents. People naturally get attracted to things or people that are thriving. Since many successful people of color can trace their roots to Africa globally, there is a necessity to amplify their achievements so that everyone will be aware of their exploits and be encouraged to do better by their success stories.

Therefore, black-owned media agencies serve as the voice to the voiceless, with a tinge of bias to the advancement of black culture, who are often marginalized.


We’ve remained at the forefront of advancing the cause of companies that are black-owned, no matter their size. We are the foremost among top black-owned media agencies with the mandate to contribute our quota to showcase the black history, culture distinguishable from those of other races.

We have helped bring to fore the remnants of cultural traditions, practices, values, and beliefs that survived the era of slavery in the United States of America. We have partnered and continued to partner with black-owned businesses by informing, educating, and entertaining people of color about their culture and heritage.

We know our target audience and project their desires to the world without any bias. We know that white supremacists will rather erase African culture if they had their way. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to preserve the diverse yet unique black cultures and make their stories louder and more impactful.

We are opened to work with professionals and entrepreneurs of black origin. We also work with independent creators who have made their names in the arts, politics, music, fashion, cuisine, and the likes. We are not restricted to only online public relations management for our clients. We can also be engaged as an influencer and marketing agency.

Since technology has continued to advance, we are leading by disrupting information creation, operation, and dissemination by maximizing the resources of modern, mobile, and hand-held devices.

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