3 Reasons QuickGrow Is Clearly The Best SEO Plugin

Search engine optimization is an extremely important part of running a successful business. There are a variety of plugins and applications that are designed to help with SEO management. QuickGrow is one of those plugins. Since its release, it has become the number one plugin in the SEO market for three key reasons: it has a friendly pricing structure, it's packed with features, and it has a proven track record of success.

A Friendly Pricing Structure

Working with a traditional SEO firm requires a big commitment. That usually involves signing a contract for a long period of time. What happens if your business goals change down the line? Or what if an emergency strikes and you need to put your website on the backburner for a few months? Those agencies will continue to bill you or charge a hefty cancellation fee. They have very little flexibility in their pricing structure.

The developers of the QuickGrow plugin understand that life is unpredictable. That's why they don't lock their customers down with expensive long-term contracts. Instead, you pay as you go and you don't pay anything if you aren't using the plugin.

The overall price of the plugin and service is very competitive as well. The standard service costs less than $300 a month to rank for five keywords. You can add additional keywords at a flat rate of $57 per keyword. It's affordable, easy to understand, and it can be canceled at any time.

Packed With Features

Features are often what makes or breaks a plugin. Some plugins don't have nearly enough features to get the job done. Others will pack in all of the extra bells and whistles that they can in hopes of increasing the price. QuickGrow is right in the middle where it should be. It has enough features to fully manage a successful SEO campaign without any wasted space. Those features include:

– Content creation and marketing

– SEO architecture

– Mobile friendly design

– Live analytics

– Compatibility with multiple web design platforms

– Human link management

– Massive network of managed links

These are features you won't find in other SEO plugins. They are what make this particular plugin so unique and valuable.

A Proven Track Record

What better way to show that a plugin is really the best than by looking at the statistics? QuickGrow maintains a page with live statistics and results from their plugin. Currently, they have helped more than 49,600 domains increase their rank in Google's search results. That includes ranking number 1 for more than 107,000 different keywords. They've also helped those domains rank more than 468,800 keywords in the top 10 results.

The plugin is improving and expanding every day. In the last 24 hours, 11 new businesses have purchased the plugin and benefited from its network of more than 4,617,800 managed links. That massive and expanding link network is one of the many ways that the plugin improves a site's ranking.

An Obvious Winner

These three advantages are what set this plugin apart from the competition. No other plugin has helped so many websites achieve significant results in such a short period of time. And no other plugin has such a friendly pricing structure or advanced features. When it comes to choosing the best SEO plugin on the market today, QuickGrow is the obvious winner.